You’ve handled the checklist, picked the big stuff, and now it’s time for the fun! At least that’s what we think! Selecting your Jacksonville wedding DJ entertainment should be fun and easy!

Here at Y? Entertainment we think there’s way too much misinformation out there and we want to give you a real breakdown of what it takes to be a great DJ. We’re going to give you exactly what you need to know to spot and hire a great DJ.

Spot the Fakes

The number one issue awesome DJ’s face are the fakers! They are everywhere! These are the DJ’s that post in your local Craigslist ads or respond to your Facebook post with a so low you can’t believe it price.

While it may be tempting to check out that DJ you likely aren’t signing up the quality you really want for your wedding celebration. In order to ensure that your DJ is following sound business and finance practices you’ll want to check for a few things before signing on the dotted line.

You can do this by confirming that they have a website or Facebook page full of pictures of happy couples at weddings that look like yours. See if these pictures are getting responses or if you can match the reviews from their clients to the names on the pictures.

You’ll also want to see if you can get a clear picture of their equipment. A professional DJ will have a really tight appearance from their set up to their attire. Hanging wires everywhere, stacks of cds, or antiquated equipment are also signs that this isn’t the best choice for you.
A qualified professional DJ will carry business insurance, licensure, high quality equipment, and will have years and years of training on and off the job.

When they don’t? Unfortunately, you are often the one that deals with the consequences. This likely means they have no back-up plan for damaged equipment, won’t have a team to support them in the case of emergency, or have any way to help you handle an errors or omissions complaint.

Once you start spotting the fakers the great ones will also start to become more visible to you as well!

Ask All the Questions

So I know you’ve downloaded that list from Wedding Wire. The what to ask your bajillion vendors booklet. But so has everyone else. And that means even not so great DJ’s have had time to formulate convincing answers to your questions.

We want you to ask us real questions with more probing and specific answers. Like.. what makes you different from other DJ’s around here. Don’t be afraid to ask us our philosophy on the art of entertainment, or what we believe about the flow of the dance time.

Ask us questions about our offerings and how we can help you customize them to fit your needs. Ask us to tell you a story about one of our wedding couples and what we did to solve a problem. Be specific! We’ll even tell you about what we wear, who we learn from, what conferences we’ve attended, and how much we care about all of the details of your wedding.

When you ask us questions from that “list” you’ll find that comparing us gets a little like picking an apple out of a bushel of apples. Asking us really unique and engaging questions will help you to hear the unique and specific specialities of our company!

Then you can choose the people who really are great! The people who you had the most authentic connection with! And the people who answered your questions with things you care about too!

So don’t be afraid to ask! We’ll answer! Every time!

Check The ‘Tude

It’s our job to get the party started! But it’s not our job to take over your party. Or to be the party. Sometimes that can get lost on less professional DJ’s.

When selecting your wedding DJ look for someone who listens to you as much as they talk. Listen to someone who is open to your ideas, the flow of the event, and what you’d like to hear. Avoid the DJ that tells you events only happen one way and everyone loves his version of the chicken dance.

If the DJ’s attitude has you feeling like it’s all about them and less about you… keep pushing. You’ll want to keep looking for a great DJ.

You’ll know it’s about you when the great DJ asks more questions than you think they should. Great DJ’s should know your love story, your favorite music vibe, your “song” and how your wedding party fits into your life. It’s about so much more than spinning music from a playlist. It’s about delicately weaving your love story into the fabric of the wedding day event.

Know the WHY

Great DJ’s have a great deal of knowledge, education, and as a result – philosophy around amazing entertainment experiences. If you’re in a first meeting with a DJ and you don’t feel stirred by their passion to do a great job for you. If they don’t tell you their WHY and how they let this fuel the work they do, they likely won’t bring a high level of passion to your event.

Here at Y? Entertainment we fully embrace the question we pose! Y? Well… we believe that there’s a clear psychology behind what makes a person get up and dance! We’ve studied the art of entertainment and science of guest participation. We know that some guests require music that moves them. Some need to feel the release. Some want to make a connection or visit a moment from the past.

That’s why entertainment doesn’t just take place on the dance floor. A great DJ entertains the entire room. Engaging with all of the guests and actively listening to the room.

If the DJ you’re interviewing can’t tell you the passion he has for his job, you’ll want to keep looking! Nothing can replace this fire! And when it’s not there… it shows!

As you begin searching for your wedding DJ be sure you can spot the fakes, ask the questions, check the ‘tude and know what makes the DJ you choose GREAT!

We want to be that great DJ for your Florida wedding! Contact us and ask us all the questions.. Even the tough ones! We’re happy to answer!