Not only do we offer an Award Winng Staff for your special event, we also have a ton of enhancement options to truly set your event apart

Selfie Station

Our partners Smiley Face Photobooth offer selfie roamers, selfie stations and traditional photo booths.  No matter which system is a best fit for your event, you can be assured there will be no shortage of laughs, fun times and lots of photos to document your event.  Easily share the fun right to socal media

Wireless Uplighting

Lighting is not just a number or a color but should evoke a feeling the moment you walk into a room. When done properly, lighting creates an energy that changes throughout the night, seamlessly without you even noticing yet can be felt with the heartbeat of the music. Our wireless RGBWA +UV uplights provide true, pure colors and can be set to match your color pallet.

Dancing in the Clouds

Dancing in the clouds adds a magical touch and makes for amazing pictures. If you are great dancers it will take your first dance to the next level. If you aren’t the best dancers in the room it will make your first dance special without adding the pressure to impress your guests with your moves. You will be amazed at how many pictures your guests will take of your first dance


Our partnes at NAS Visuals provide stream-lined, modern and fun video documentaries of your event.  Perfect for social media sharing or sending to those who were not able to attend.  They can also create a kick a$$ promo video for you


Intelligent Lighting

With custom lighting tech controlled intelligent lighting, you can go from basic to a full concert like experience. The next step up in dance floor lighting. High energy & full motion club style lights that promote a high-energy dance floor at your event! These lights change color, pattern and direction to disburse beams of light over your dance floor

Custom Monogram

Our high-end monogram projections (still or animated) can display your names, Wedding date, special message or logo in bright white light. The monogram can be projected onto the dance floor, wall behind your sweetheart table or location of your choice
*Some venues excluded

Cake Mapping

When mapping a cake we are basically turning your cake into a display surface, like a TV or Screen. We can make each layer of your cake show different videos or pictures, show a video on the whole cake or have an animation interact with the cake itself

CO2 Cannon

Handheld CO2 party cannons can be held in your hand, easy to use and are always a crowd pleaser. The party cannons blast out a cold air that is safe to inhale and cool to dance in. It creates a stunning visual effect as well as step up any party. Your guests will feel the cold atmospheric change and cool down immediately as the party cannon discharges this super cold CO2 into the air

Game Shows

We customize your very own Best Game Show Ever with a variety of games from; Minute to Win It, Jeopardy, Family Feud, Name That Tune, Finish that Lyric, Lip Sync, Air Guitar, Eating Contest, Dance Off, Customized Games, and More!!


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