Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Goal of this page:  To define our mission, vision and core values as a company and our team. We have to ask ourselves….

Who are we?
Where do we want to go next?
How are we going to get there?

And finally, who are the right people to embark on the journey with?

Our answers are below….THIS is Y? Entertainment…THIS is US….and THIS is who you will be working with!

Where We Stand

Our Vision 

To be known, respected and followed in the event industry as a company who sets the example of how to provide impeccable energy and service, creating exceptional once-in-a-lifetime experiences for our clients.

Our Mission

To be a company of service to:


By consistently delivering an experience that exceeds expectations and is built on trust and understanding of the desired outcome of their event


By only aligning with team members who share the same passion and desires.  Team members who are dedicated to sharing their talents and time to encourage and inspire each other and help deliver on our promise to our clients


By sharing our time, resources and talents to connect with the community and assist in areas that best align with our vision 

Our Core Values


  • We show positive character in all decisions and are aware of our words and actions at all times
  • We make smart decisions in our personal and professional lives and consider how those decisions will affect others around us
  • We question anything that opposes our core values 


  • We are thankful for the opportunities we receive
  • We do not take for granted the role in the events our customers have entrusted us with
  • We make it a point to show appreciation for and return kindness 


  • We understand that everything we do, good or bad, affects each other as a whole
  • We understand and are open minded to the opportunity to learn and grow from one another 
  • We understand that a collaboration of ideas leads to breakthroughs we before didn’t know were possible
  • We understand that working together as a team allows us to accomplish things that we otherwise would not be able to individually
  • In tough times, we bond together and lift one another up to push through anything

Confidence and Positive Attitude

  • We understand the difference between confidence and cockiness and do not cross the line
  • We continue to practice and study our craft to have the confidence to execute it at the highest level possible 
  • We make it a point to be someone others enjoy being around and working with 
  • We bring positive energy to the room and encourage others to be through our words and actions
  • We always lead with a smile and check anything at the door that would prevent us from providing a high level of service


  • We understand that a team is only as strong as its weakest link and will lift each other up to prevent any link from being weak 
  • We understand that there is always a way to get better, even if it is just 1% at a time
  • We are excited to find new ways to educate ourselves and continuously grow personally and professionally
  • We create a clear path for team members to follow and achieve their professional goals within the company


  • We understand we have the ability to create them and do not have to wait on them to happen 
  • We understand that we should be “in the moment” so we don’t miss them
  • We understand that we have to avoid any distractions that prevent us from being “in the moment” 
  • We find ways to create moments for our clients that will be received positively and leave a lasting impression that shows we truly care about them 


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